The latest AMPHIBIO REMOTE portable floating pump with remote control for convenient control of the pump from the shore of a pond or river, which will provide you with 1075 L/min at 0.5 bar and maximum pressure 4.5 bar. The ideal solution for pumping water from natural water sources. An effective helper for firefighters and for quick intervention or where pumping is required (for communal services, construction companies). AMPHIBIO pumps are used for filling tanks, drying flooded areas or extinguishing fires.

Remote, electric or manual start
The pump can be started by remote control, an electric button on the tank or manually as a backup system.

New construction for higher performance
Based on the experience of firefighters around the world, we have completely balanced the combination of flow and pressure for high performance, which also allows firefighters to extinguish fires.

Integrated tank
The pump is equipped with a large integrated fuel tank with a capacity of 6 liters, which allows pumping without the need to refuel for more than 3 hours.

New ergonomic design
The new exceptional pump design makes it easier to carry thanks to 4 handles. The shape and compact size of the float allows the pump to be stored in your vehicle and enables better stability on the water surface.

Flow at 0.5 bar:  1075 LPM
Flow at 1 bar:  1014 LPM
Flow at 3 bar:                    380 LPM                             
Nominal max. pressure:  4.5 bar
Total delivery height:  up to 45 m
Outlet:  65 mm / B75
Min. suction depth:  15 mm
Engine: Briggs & Stratton
Starting system:                   remote, electric or manual
Tank volume: 6 litres
Operating time: 3 hours
Weight: dry 32 kg / wet 37,5 kg
Dimensions: 786 x 595 x 392 mm

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