Woollen Training/Comfort Blanket & Storage Bag

The Woollen Comfort/Training Blanket was primarily designed for Fire Crews & Authorities to train with, as they would use a Thermaguard Burnover Blanket if in a real-life burnover situation. To help avoid confusing this firefighter training equipment, it is coloured bright yellow and clearly labelled “for training purposes only”. Many respected fire management authorities recognise the benefit of conducting training with a separate blanket to avoid damaging or contaminating the actual personal fire blankets. The Thermaguard Supertherm Lite Burnover Blankets are red and with a matching red storage bag, and also labelled as ‘Burnover Blanket’.

However, being a very popular multipurpose blanket, the Thermaguard Training/Comfort Blankets are now available online for retail purchase Australia-wide, used as a comfort or travel blanket. Being 100% wool, they are the ideal protective blankets to store in your vehicle when travelling to provide comfort on the road or in the event of a roadside accident.

Composition: 100% Wool

Blanket Dimensions: 180x200cm 

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