Waterous ECLIPSE GEN 2.0 Model 200-100-ECL

The 200-100−ECL is a slide−in modular compressed air foam unit designed and constructed to discharge water, foam solution or compressed air foam. To further enhance the 200-100-ECL, the Waterous ECLIPSE Gen 2.0 CAFSystem is configured into the system to provide continuous, homogenous foam every time the system is used.


  • Deutz 74 HP (55 kW) diesel-fueled engine
  • Waterous CPD-2 Pump
  • Waterous ECLIPSE Gen 2.0 CAFSystem, Two 1-1/2″ Foamulators. ECLIPSE Gen 2.0 CAFSystem is the pre-set flow rate and pre-set pressure for water and air. The operator does not have to adjust flows and pressures during operation.
  • 7″ Tellurus Control Panel
  • One button engages fire pump, foam proportioner and CAFSystem
  • Easily select Wet or Dry Foam
  • Rand 100 sCFM (2.83 m3/min) compressor
  • Stainless Steel Frame
  • Aquis 1.5 Foam Proportioner
200-100-ECL FLOW
GPM 200
l/min 800
l/sec 13
SCFM 100
M3/min 2.8
PSI Bar kPa MPa
Water 150 10 1000 1.0
Air  100  7  700  .7

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