Waterous CPK-3

The CPK-3 is a compact two-stage pump with “pump and roll” capability making it ideal for extinguishing grass and brush fires. Equipped with a K-Series, gear-driven transmission designed for use with a side-mounted PTO.


  • High tensile, close-grained gray iron casing (bronze/gunmetal optional), one-piece volute body
  • Bronze double-hubbed, precision-balanced impellers
  • Separable impeller shaft for ease of serviceability
  • Push-pull manual bronze transfer valve
  • Available in either rotation of input shaft
  • 4-inch (101.4mm) NPT tee adapter intake; two 2-inch (50mm) or 2.5-inch (64mm)
  • NPT tee adapter (or 2.5-inch (64mm) tapped flange) discharge
  • K Transmission consists of an aluminum case with constant-mesh, stainless steel helical gears
  • Seven optional speed-increasing transmission ratios
  • 7-year Limited Warranty

Options and Accessories

  • Priming System: An electric, oil-free rotary vane primer mounted directly on a Waterous split-shaft pump transmission or separately mounted combined with a Waterous priming valve forms the priming system. A lubrication option allows the use of Prime-Safe lubricant (priming tank is required when the lubrication option is selected).
  • Pressure Control System: The Waterous Intake Relief Valve system is designed to act as a safety valve by “dumping” excess pressure from the inlet side of the pump. The Discharge Relief Valve provides sensitive pump control to protect firefighters from sudden pressure surges resulting from changes in discharge flows from the pump.
  • Manifold Drain Valve: Drains all points of the pump simultaneously with the operation of a single control.
  • Corrosion Protection: Replaceable zinc element that is installed directly on the pump intake piping and into the pump waterway. These anodes sacrifice the zinc element to galvanic corrosion.
  • Discharge Valves: Your choice of the trusted Waterous 1/4 turn 2.5″ and 3.5″ ball-type discharge valve or a 4″ ANSI flanged discharge valve. Both options come standard with chrome-plated brass ball and hydraulically balanced seal assembly.
  • Overheat Protection Manager: The OPM consists of an illuminated warning light on the operator’s panel whenever the pump approaches an overheat condition. Optional audible alarm is available.
  • Tachometer: Tach. drive standard and operates at 1/2 input shaft speed.
GPM L/min L/sec PSI Bar kPa MPa
MAXIMUM FLOW 500 1900 32 150 10 1000 1.0
MAXIMUM PRESSURE 60 200 3 800 55 5500 5.5

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