New portable wildland fire pump vft Black Hawk 1, equipped with a 1-stage centrifugal pump and a 4-stroke Honda engine. Offering a performance of up to 6,9 bar and a maximum flow of up to 260 l/min. A powerful and balanced combination, perfect for direct attack with hose laying, self-protection maneuvers with sprinklers, and tandem pumping of motor pumps over long distances.

Comfortable transport

Extremely light (only 9.5kg of dry weight), allowing an easy transportation in a load-hauling backpack, or through its ergonomic carry handle.

Built to last

Made of lightweight aluminum alloy, with high-quality components and availability of spare parts. The flat black polyethylene base has anti-vibration elements (silentblock) for a greater durability.

Honda GXH50 engine

Gasoline powered 4-stroke combustion engine, with CARB and EPA certification. Includes a built-in clutch for an easy start, that also allows to stop the discharge of water without switching off the engine.

1-stage centrifugal pump
  • Compact, efficient and reliable.
  • Made of anticorrosive aluminum and hardened.
  • Stainless axles on the engine crankshaft.
  • High quality mechanical seals and aluminum turbines.
  • 1-stage foam compatible pump.
Two motorpump configurations

With manual priming system

Without manual priming system


Up to 6.9  bar and 260 l/min.

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