VRT Firefighter mask (with filter)

This firefighter mask protects the face from radiation burns and helps to reduce smoke and ash particles inhalation. It incorporates a filter 9914 3M inserted into a filter pocket. This filter is of activated carbon and is equipped with exhalation valve and high-visibility reflective strips throughout the garment. It can be adapted to your head or neck.


· Adaptable to the neck or the head.
· Stand for adjusting it to the nose.
· Can be complemented with a filter mask for solid particles or toxic gaz.
· Stand System for its use with the Vallfirest Three-quarter-length jacket.
· Reflecting stripes.
· XXIth century fabric : NOMEX @ three layers 265 gr/cm3 for a perfect thermic isolation and radiation protection for its user, Nomex stitches and especially resistant to rubbing and wear out provoked by the forest environment.
· Complies to UNE340, UNE 531, ISO13301, ISO 15001 standards.

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