vft1 Firefighter Goggles

With a compact and resistant design, the vft1 goggles feature ergonomic foam which guarantees their adaptability and comfort. They have a quick fix system and double polycarbonate lenses with antifog treatment on the inside and scratch resistance treatment on the outside. Made with high-quality and robust materials, they provide the necessary protection in the harshest of conditions.

Standards: EN 166, EN 14458

Maximum protection and excellent visual field: Panoramic goggles with a 220º visual angle and double polycarbonate lens featuring ballistic protection and medium energy impact certification (B). Anti-fog interior and 2.8+0.5 thick anti-scratch exterior. Optical class 1.
Light and robust: Made of highly resistant materials, they provide great comfort during intensive use due to the low weight: 120 g.
Double polycarbonate lenses: Double polycarbonate lens, anti-scratch exterior and anti-fog interior. All of the goggle material is fire-resistant (elastic band, frame, lens, etc.). EN 166 and EN 14458 Standard.
Fast and easy adjustment: A quick front dual adjustment detachable fixing system to secure the helmet.

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