Paratech USAR Shoring Kits

Paratech offers two US&R kits, the US&R Rescue Strut System and the Light US&R Rescue Strut System. Both US&R kits are built to construct a wide variety of structural shores, including T-Spot Shores, Horizontal Shores, Vertical Shores, Rakers, Window Shores and more, including cross-bracing support. The US&R Kits also contain all of the necessary equipment for pneumatically extending struts and load indicators to monitor for any shifts or movements in shored areas.

Light US&R Rescue Support System

This system affords the rescuer the ability to tackle most structural collapse scenarios. The system includes (1) 6’ Raker set and numerous Rescue Struts and components which would be a great start to any Fire Department looking to be more involved in structural collapse incidents

US&R Rescue Support System

The US&R Rescue Strut System is one of the most complete structural collapse systems available, and has been standardized by the FEMA US&R teams. For any team serious about Urban Search & Rescue, this is the system to make it happen. The system includes (2) 6’ Raker sets and numerous Rescue Struts and components to handle almost any disaster that the rescuers are faced with.



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