Turtle Black Diamond Crib & Profile Crib

Gems of a workhorses in our Dura Crib plastic cribbing blocks line are the 67HDC-30 “Black Diamond Crib” and its cousin the 44HDC-30 “Profile Crib”.  Each crib size has a four pyramid design face. Your first choice whenever a tall box crib configuration is needed. Pictured is the 44HDC-30.


  • Part # 67HDC30 or # 44HDC-30
  • Dimensions: 6″ x 7″x 30″ or 4″x 4″ x 30″
  • Product Unit Weight: 18.14kg/40lbs. or 7.71kg/17lbs.
  • Each block is rated for heavy duty capability.
  • Each block will have a lanyard on two sides of block.
  • Working Load: 71,600kg/157,850lbs. or 50,800kg/111,994lbs.

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