Teufelberger VULCANUS

VULCANUS is a heat resistant rope from Teufelberger and certified to EN 1891A. This rescue rope consists of a polyamide core and an aramid cover. Unlike polyester and polyamide, aramids are highly heat resistant with these fibres exhibiting excellent strength and only slight elongation at break.

Vulcanus features increased resistance to cutting and abrasion making it suited for use as a work rope or work positioning rope and equally well suited for work activities near heat sources and sharp edges. Its heat resistance enables Vulcanus rope to handle several fast abseiling procedures in rapid succession with ease making it well suited for special intervention units, emergency response and rescue operations.


  • High decomposition point (up to 500°C)
  • High strength
  • Increased resistance to cutting and abrasion
  • Suitable for work positioning, emergency response and rescue applications

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