Terrapin X Laser Range Finder


The Successor to the legendary Terrapin, the new Terrapin X is the new authority in commercial grade rangefinders. For years the most frequently asked question has been, which rangefinder do I get? We always gave the same advice, a second-hand Vectroni x if you can find one. Well now they are going to be readily available for everyone, the new TerrapinX is the answer to your range finding requirements.


  • Measurable ranges up to 3,280 yards/3,000 meters and beyond through precision laser technology – class I eye-safe
  • Housing made from rubberized and reinforced RYTON® plastics. Provides solid protection from water, dust, and accidental drops
  • Wireless communication between the TERRAPIN X mobile app, KESTREL® ballistic solvers supporting LiNK protocol or other products.
  • Unmatched 8× magnification for extreme range measurements and a 28 mm front objective lens for maximum light gathering and highest resolution.

Terrapin X Specifications:

  • Bluetooth Connectivity with your Kestrel or Ballistic App
  • 11m to 3000m Range
  • Azimuth to Target
  • Equivalent Range to Target using the corrected horizontal distance
  • Scan Mode
  • One Button Operation
  • 8x Magnification with great optics (compared to the originals 5x)
  • Rugged Outer Shell
  • 12 x 0.5MRAD Beam Divergence

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