Supervac – V16

Battery Powered units are positive pressure ventilation fans that are powered by a Lithium Ion battery and a DC motor.  These units run can run on Battery Power when you arrive on scene, and they can also be plugged into AC generator or shore power to continue running and charge the battery.  Unlike some brief case style battery fans, these are full pitched, aluminium blades moving large amounts of air to help quickly clear a structure.

Available with either Dewalt Flexvolt, Milwalkee, Makita or Hurst batteries.

and Shore Power]
FAN SIZE HxWxD Motor RPM Setback
For Output Rating
For Output Rating
AMCA 240-22
53 lbs
24 kg
16″ Blade:
24.25” x 23.75″ x 12.25″
615mm x 605mm x 315mm
Variable-Speed DC 2,100 15 ft
10° 8,127 cfm*
13,808 cmh

Frame Features

  • Compact, Roll-Cage Frame: Features a tough yet lightweight aluminum frame to protect key components while providing a compact, lightweight design
  • Fold-Down Ergonomic Handle: Folds into the frame for compact storage; features full-width handle for easy grip with heavy-duty gloves
  • Flat-Proof Rubber Tires with Skid Plates: Highly maneuverable, even on stairs, and all without lifting the fan; easy to deploy by the all firefighters.
  • 180-Degree Tilt: Provides the largest tilt range among battery fans, allowing airflow to be directed virtually anywhere

Fan Features

  • DeWalt FLEXVOLT Lithium Ion Batteries: Batteries provide up to 66 minutes of max airflow, depending on battery selection; 120-240V AC operation is standard (with optional delete).
  • Polymer Blade: Minimizes weight; Super Vac’s single-piece cast aluminum blade is available by request
  • Precision-Spun Steel Shroud with StreamShaper Guard: Shroud provides durability with max airflow, while the StreamShaper guard allows for flexible setback; Air Cone Guard available by request

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