Departments turn to Super Vac’s lineup of Gas-Powered Chainsaws to tackle a variety of operations, like removing downed trees and cutting through residential roofing. Available with a 16” or 18” bar, these chainsaws are available with the Full-Wrap Depth Guard for added protection or the Quick Silver Depth Guard for reduced weight and ease of use.

.404 Carbide Tooth Chisel Chain:

Takes big bites out of multiple layers


Includes momentary contact switch that leaves the saw in the ON position, a compression release that reduces cylinder pressure by 50% and a choke knob that simultaneously sets the throttle and choke

Durable Aluminum Pull Handle:

Designed for thick rescue gloves

Full-Wrap Handle:

Makes front-facing and overhead operations easier

Airmaster Filtration System:

Airmaster Filtration System: Three-chambered system stops large particles before they reach the secondary filter

Lateral Chain Tensioning:

Developed for fast, on-the-go adjustments

Quick Silver Depth Gauge:

Reduces weight and ease of use

Full-Depth Guard:

Added protection

Optional Light Kit:

Illuminate work area during operation

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