SuperVac BFF Large-Scale PPV

The BFF is the largest mobile emergency ventilation fan on the market with capabilities of blowing more than 750,000 cfm, making this PPV
the perfect solution for the largest challenges, like ventilating airport, tunnels, sports complexes, shopping malls and retail super stores.


  • 7-Point Carbon Fiber Blade: Features an 80″ diameter
  • Choice of Direct-Drive Engine: Gas or diesel (200-600 HP)
  • Customize to Fit Your Needs: Every BFF is built specifically for each customer. There are many options, including controls, accessories, LED lighting, etc.
  • 1-Year Warranty

80″ Blade- H x W x D: 88″ x 84″ x 60″ – 2,235mm x 2,135mm x 1,525mm
Model: BFF

Weight: 3,600 lbs (1,630 kg)

Engine Displacement: Gas or diesel engine options (200-600 HP) 502 cu in

RPM: 4,500

Setback: 40 ft | 12m

Angle: 0*

Output: 750,000 cfm  | 1,250,000 cmh

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