Our Thermaguard Firesleeve is manufactured to the demanding AS1072 Aerospace standard & the MSHA Mining Spec. It has a flexible high-grade silicone orange outer – which is a unique compound that sheds splash of molten materials with temperatures of up to 1200°C. These heat sleeves are flame resistant, and can be exposed to constant heat of up to 260°C. 

How do I ensure correct sizing of Firesleeve? Thermaguard Firesleeve™ easily slides over hoses and readily expands over fittings.

Sizing will depend on several factors, including the length of the line to be sleeved, number and radii of curves, surface friction of the line, and appearance required. A common ‘rule of thumb’ is to measure the outside diameter (OD) of the line, and add approx. 15% to arrive at the ideal inside diameter (ID) of the sleeve. Where the sleeve is required to pass over fittings or long lines, an additional margin should be allowed. Some applications may have legislated size requirements.

SUPERTHERM® FIREPROOF SLEEVE can be used in various applications including:

Mining – vehicle, machinery fuel, air, electrical and hydraulic lines

Oil & Gas – hoses, electrical lines, steam lines etc

Smelters – equipment cords and electrical cables

 Industrial furnaces – electrical cables, hoses and air lines

Automation – robotic arm fibre optics, electrical and air lines

Fire Fighting – critical component fuel, air, electrical and hydraulic lines

Marine – fuel filler, overflow and breather lines

Race Cars – hoses, fuel & oil lines

SUPERTHERM® fireproof sleeve is made using high quality braided fibreglass for high flexibility, performance exceptional insulating properties. The outer layer of this fire protection product is coated with premium grade silicone to avoid abrasion.

Thermaguard® holds over 20 common sizes of fire sleeve, with many other sizes available upon request. We recommend sealing the ends of your Firesleeve-covered hose/line with a hose clamp or stainless steel cable ties, and wrapping with some fire-proof sealing tape to protect it from wicking fluids.

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