Spiroscape EEBD

The Spiroscape Emergency Escape Breathing Device (EEBD) is used to escape from smoke-filled or toxic environments. It is commonly used onboard ships and in industrial facilities and can be used as rescue equipment in official buildings.

The unit is rated for 15 minutes escape time and has a 200 bar, 3 L cylinder.

Once it is donned, the user is able to focus on escape. This is made possible with the unique ambient air valve which automatically opens when the cylinder is empty. This function eliminates the risk of suffocation inside the hood and no air is wasted on a low air warning alarm.

Except cylinder inspection the unit is service free and requires no preventative maintenance. The cylinder should be sent for periodic inspection with intervals according national regulations, the most common interval is every 5 years.

The patented air distribution system expels carbon dioxide from the hood optimizing the use of air from the cylinder. The air flow is activated by pulling the quick start tab which at the same time opens the zipper on the carrying bag, giving the user access to the hood.
An anti-tamper seal verifies the integrity of the unit and the cylinder contents gauge can easily be read from the outside through a clear window in the bag.
The Spiroscape unit comprises of a cylinder with breathing air which can be easily recharged with the simple auto-fill system, making the unit easy to re-use and ideal for training.
The hood has a very flexible neck seal providing an effective seal and making the hood easy to don and comfortable to wear.

  • Unique automatic ambient air valve eliminates risk of suffocation
  • Unique patented air supply system in the hood maximizes duration and minimizes dead space
  • Two-layered hood positions the inner mask correctly
  • Very flexible neck seal makes it easy to don and comfortable to wear
  • Quiet air delivery system allows voice communication
  • Bag equipped with carrying strap
  • Auto-fill system makes it quick and easy to recharge cylinders

To charge the Spiroscape unit the Auto-fill adapter is needed.


Technical Specifications:

Approval: CE 89/686/EEC
Approval (2): 2014/90/EU Marine Equipment
Standard: EN 1146
Standard (2): ISO 23269-1
Material: Hood – Coated PVC
Material: Bag – PVC coated polyamid
Connection: Cylinder neck – M18
Warning : N/A
Dimensions: 500 x 230 x 130 mm
Dimensions with packaging: 530 x 240 x 140 mm
Weight: 4.8 kg (empty cylinder)

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