Spirocom XL has Team Talk function and PTT communication with wired transmission of the sound to the long range radio. The Spirocom system is built to handle the difficult conditions at a fire scene and still deliver high quality sound.

The Team Talk function is a voice-activated, full duplex, short range radio. Without having to push any buttons, voice communication is sent between firefighters, to minimize risks and increase the chances for a fast, successful mission. The Team Talk communication works for a small group of fire fighters moving together as a team. Each group is assigned with a “Group number” which is set on the Spirocom unit and visible on the display. Group configuration is made in advance and remembered by the Spirocom units, on the way to an incident the only required action is to start the unit.

The PTT button has a slide type design for significantly easier activation and better ergonomics. A distinct “lift and hold” action gives access to the long range radio and makes it possible to use any part of the hand or even the shoulder when both hands are occupied.
A flexible speaker arm makes it possible to easy set the desired speaker position against the ear.

A quick attachment is mounted onto the visor frame of the face mask. With this attachment mounted it is quick and easy to mount the Spirocom onto the mask. The microphone cable is mounted into the speech cone without interfering with the sealing of the mask. The batteries can be replaced with the unit still mounted on the face mask.

  • Push-to-talk long range radio activation
  • Voice activated radio for Team Talk
  • Ex/UL certified for use in explosive environments
  • Powered with three AAA batteries
  • Battery level indication and low battery indication
  • Possible to temporarily mute Team Talk function

Technical Specifications:

Approval : 2014/30/EU EMC
Standard : EN137
Standard (2) : Ex ia IIC T4
Connection : Connects to analogue radios
Connection (2) : Connects to digital radios
Frequency EU : 868 Mhz
Battery type : 3 x AAA

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