Solo Rescue – Gear Holder

The Gear Holder is a great multi pupose accessory that enables you to decontaminate facepieces, boot and gloves in the Solo Rescue Decon Washer. It is to be placed at the bottom of the Heavy Duty Basket and you can either place two of them together or combine with the SCBA Holder or the Small Parts Holder.

With two Gear Holders loaded in every Heavy Duty Basket you will get a loading capacity of up to 56 facepieces, 60 pair of boots and 120 pair of gloves per hour.

Larger fire stations or training facilities sometimes have a great need for cleaning and decontaminating several face masks at once. If this is the case, using two Gear Holders at the same time will enable you to wash up to 56 facepieces an hour, turning the Solo Rescue in to the perfect face mask washer.

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