SOLBERG® VERSAGARD™ 1×3 multipurpose fluorine-free foam concentrate is a state-of-the-art AR fluorine-free pseudoplastic foam technology. Non-persistent, siloxane-free, with no intentionally added PFAS chemicals, SOLBERG VERSAGARD 1×3 is designed for extinguishing and securing Class B (hydrocarbon fuel and polar solvent fuel) fires. SOLBERG VERSAGARD 1×3 is a combination of hydrocarbon surfactants and additives producing excellent foam expansion, product stability, vapor sealing, extinguishment and burnback properties for both shallow and fuel in-depth fires, using fresh, sea or brackish water.

A Broad Range of Use Applications

SOLBERG VERSAGARD 1×3 is to designed to generate a stable foam blanket with long drain time and exceptional mobility across the fuel surface and around obstructions. This new generation fluorine-free foam may be used with low and medium expansion equipment (nozzles and monitors) at 1% for hydrocarbon fuels and 3% for polar solvent fuel fires. SOLBERG VERSAGARD 1×3 may be used with low expansion equipment (nozzles and monitors), some non-aspirating devices and medium expansion foam discharge devices. The viscosity of this product can increase in case of very-low temperatures and the use of special equipment could be recommended. In addition to its excellent foamability and bubble stability, SOLBERG VERSAGARD 1×3 has excellent wetting ability, making it an effective tool for the extinguishment of Class B fuel fires.


SOLBERG VERSAGARD 1×3 has been the subject of multiple largescale fire testing programs. Results include:

  • Achieved high rating and certified in European Standard EN- 1568:2018 part 3 & 4 on all fuels with fresh and sea water – IA/IB- IA/IA (acetone/IPA)
  • Passed and certified to European Standard EN-1568:2018 part 1 & 2 – for use at 3% with medium- and high-expansion foam discharge devices
  • International Maritime Organization certification MSC.1/Circ. 1312
  • LASTFIRE batch-certified with 3 nozzles (semi, asp, system)
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5 gallon pails, 55 gallon drums, and 265 gallon totes.
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Liquid Concentrate

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