SOLBERG® AVIGARD™ Fluorine-Free Foam Concentrates are a state-of-the-art fluorine-free, low viscosity aviation foam technology designed for extinguishing and securing flammable aviation fuel spills and fires (Jet A and Jet A1). A special combination of hydrocarbon surfactants and additives delivers excellent foaming, extinguishment and burnback properties to firefighting foams using either fresh water or sea water. SOLBERG AVIGARD foam concentrates contain no added PFAS chemicals and can be considered as readily and rapidly biodegradable.

The SOLBERG AVIGARD line features a special formulation designed to meet or exceed ICAO regulations with excellent performance on Jet A/Jet A1 fuel – with high fluidity and slow drainage. They may be used with low expansion foam equipment (nozzles and monitors) and medium expansion foam devices to fight fires involving Class B hydrocarbon fuel fires.

The proportioning rate is either 3% or 6%. SOLBERG AVIGARD 3B is also certified for sea water. SOLBERG AVIGARD products contain no fluorosurfactants, fluoropolymers, organohalogens, PFCAs, PFOA and no PFOS in accordance with EU Directive 2006/122/EC and amended by Council Directive 76/769/EEC. They present no concern for persistence, bioaccumulation or toxic breakdown (PBTs).

CERTIFICATIONS: International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Airport Service Manual (DOC 9137-AN/898) Part 1 – Rescue and Firefighting, Level B.

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265 Gallon, 55 Gallon, 5 Gallon
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Liquid Concentrate

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