Snap-in Rapid Charger for the 5566/68 Angle Lights


The 5568-CHGR1 Snap-in Rapid Charger for use with the Nightstick XPR-5566/68 Rechargeable Intrinsically Safe Dual-Light™ Angle Lights. These Angle Lights snap into place inside of the charger’s heavy-duty retaining clips that lock the light securely in place. This charger can be mounted to a wall or to any solid surface inside of a vehicle and can withstand up to 9G’s of force. Charge Input: 12VDC max.


  • Works with the XPP-5566 or XPR-5568 Angle Lights
  • Heavy-duty retaining clips that can withstand up to 9G’s of force
  • Stainless-steel charging pins
  • Charging indicator light
  • Charge Input: 12VDC max
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty

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