Shibaura – TF516MH-A

uto choke carburetor for easy operation and handling.

Just turning main switch will start the engine immediately, and you can start full throttle operation without engine warm-up.

Equipped with Quick Valve Lever which allow you to operate valve faster and easier.

The stainless pump shaft is mounted separately from engine shaft, so you can easily replace the belt without any disassembly.

Newly developed lubricating oil circulation system provide you the low exhaust smoke as the lubricating oil is supplied by maintaining the proper mixing ratio.

TF516 Performance curve



1. Auto Choke Carburetor System

TF516MH-ABoth of air and engine thermometer can work a good adjustment for choke valve automatically, and gives you easy starting by just turning the main switch on.

2. Advance fuel feeding system

TF516MH-AAdvanced fuel feeding system provide you with optimum gasoline / oil mixing rate under any circumstances at any time.

3. Oilless Vacuum Pump

TF516MH-AOilless vacuum pump uses high-strength carbon blades which does not need lubricating oil inside a pump. Harmless method for human and enviroment, as its does not discharge oily water on the ground.

Starting System

Recoil starter system with electronic ignition + pull-rope recoil starter

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