Shibaura – P572S-A

SHIBAURA’s originality! A completely new design allows for a one-touch removable outer cover. This enables quick and easy inspection and maintenance.

Use of a large oil-less vacuum pump ensures no wasted oil and a coolant circulation system (optional) eliminates emission of water, achieving a consistently clean cooling solution.

For the first time in a fire fighting pump, a revolutionary automatic decompression system has been added to the engine, which reduces recoil force and has an automatic choke to ensure a simple and trouble free start every time.

Discharge Performance 0.5 MPa, 1650 L/min, 1m suction head
1.0 MPa, 1100 L/min, 1m suction head
1.0 MPa, 1070 L/min, 3m suction head


The new design incorporates a large oil-less vacuum pump and a high power engine, allowing faster water suction and discharge, making it superior to any other competing brand in the same class.

Separate oil filling system eliminates the need for fuel mixing. If the lubrication oil become empty then a warning indicator will alert the operator and the engine will automatically shut down.

The new design allows low noise operation and this has been achieved by using a high performance silencer system operating on both the air intake and outlet. This convenient feature minimizes noise disturbances during practice drills and night time operation.

In the unexpected event of the pump having insufficient coolant, the automatic shut down system (RRS) will be activated and the engine will automatically shut down.

An improved design super ball cock valve offers excellent operating characteristics, while a step-less throttle dial delivers a smoother, fine discharge setting.

P572S-A Performance curve

performance curve

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