Shhibaura – FK500-A

SHIBAURA’s advanced cooling system “Fully Water Cooled Radiator” has solved various problems of conventional Water Cooled Engine.

Easily warm up the engine with a idling, as the engine can be operated without discharging the water.

Also gives you the power of high combustion efficiency.

The durability and long-lasting power offered by SHIBAURA’s advanced technology.

FK500-A Performance curve

performance curve


1. Fully water cooled radiator

FK500-AFully water cooled radiator gives longer life in the activities at dirty water area without overheating.

2. Auto Choke Carburetor System

FK500-ABoth of air and engine thermometer can work a good adjustment for choke valve automatically, and gives you easy starting by just turning the main switch on.

3. Advance fuel feeding system

FK500-AAdvanced fuel feeding system provide you with optimum gasoline / oil mixing rate under any circumstances at any time.

4. Oilless Vacuum Pump

FK500-AOilless vacuum pump uses high-strength carbon blades which does not need lubricating oil inside a pump. Harmless method for human and enviroment, as its does not discharge oily water on the ground.

Starting System

Recoil starter system with electronic ignition + pull-rope recoil starter

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