Senko SGT Docking Station

Bump testing portable monitors is becoming more and more prevalent in the market. Ensuring sensors are responding to a known concentration of gas remains the best way to verify the monitor has not become impeded. The Clip SGT docking station provides bump testing, event management and calibration from a simple to use multi-unit station and gives fleet or safety managers the ability to update configurations on large fleets. It also maintains the all important event logs that demonstrate users are working within company requirements.

Size 47 x 41 x 22cm (18.50 x 16.14 x 8.66 in.)
Weight (Without gas cylinder) 8.2kg
Operating Temperature 41 to + 104̊F ( 5 to + 40̊C)
Warranty Full 2 years
Battery Type Rechargeable Lithium-lon
Battery Life 1000 Bump Tests
LEDs 5 red / green / orange LEDs ( 1 for each unit, 1 for power )
Memory USB 8GB Standard
Log Capacity Approximately Up to 10 million tests ( 8GB, removable USB memory )
Tests Performed Bump Test and Calibration
Information Stored Bump/Cal Logs, Individual Monitor Event Logs, Firmware and Unit Configurations
Gases Available CO, H2S and CO2
Unit Compatibility Works with SGT
Calibration Gas Compatible with 58L cylinders
Charging Adaptor 12V, 3A

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