S-Gard Nano Firefighter Hood

This lightweight, elastic NANO firefighter hood by S GARD offers you superb flame and particle protection as well as maximum comfort. The ultra-dense DuPont™ Nomex® Nano Flex material inhibits penetration of soot particles down to a size of 0.2 micrometres. This gives the new firefighter hood much better particle protection than your standard flame hoods and those made of Holland cloth. The highly elastic DuPont™ Nomex® special material is extremely heat and flame-resistant while also remaining highly breathable. This controls the body heat. Special flat seams also contribute to increased comfort and prevent seams from creating pressure points. The face opening is perfectly enclosed by an elastic strip.

The Nano firefighter hood 2.0 is certified to the EN 13911:2017 standard.

  • Outershell inside and outside: 34% Nomex® & Kevlar®, 33% viscose FR, 31% moddacrylic, 2% P140 antistatic fibre, 220 g/m²
  • Particle barrier: 100% Nomex® Nano Flex, 26 g/m²
  • Composition in laminated sandwich system
  • Particle barrier as intermediate layer
  • ergonomic seam construction with flat seams to avoid pressure marks
  • Improved particle protection all the way round up to the end of the throat
  • Face opening with highly elastic band

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