Ruth Lee Bariatric (Obese) Rescue Dummy


Obesity is a very real problem in Australia and across the world and judging by government figures and anecdotal evidence the problem is rapidly getting worse.

All sectors as well as Fire & Rescue, Hospitals, Ambulance can experience heavier casualties:

Airlines accommodate increasingly heavy passengers – we lent an RL180 to Airbus in Broughton, UK for a multi agency exercise and Nicole (as she was called!) brought the exercise to a standstill! It took the combined teams 15 minutes to formulate a plan of how to remove her from the training fuselage!

Shipping: Cruise Ships could have many obese/bariatric passengers on board, would your staff know how to deal with passengers of these weights?

Prisons: do your officers have sufficient training to be able to move prisoners weighing more than 130Kg if an incident arose?

Care Homes: not all situations will require the emergency services, could your staff manage?

Casualties/Victims/Patients/Clients/Staff/Passengers come in all shapes and sizes – can you handle them?


RLN90B was designed as a special order for the Welsh Fire Service who wanted to practice with the bulk of an obese patient, but not necessarily the weight. Ideal for practicing the methods without the strain on the back!

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