Northern Diver Pro-Safe V2 Water Safety Boots

The PRO-Safe V2 boot is Northern Diver’s latest generation of water safety footwear and has been specifically designed to minimise risk of injury to professionals. These high-quality ankle boots have been constructed with comfort and practicality at the forefront of the design. They’ve been manufactured using both synthetic and natural materials, featuring Cordura panels on both sides of the boot to provide consistent breathability. Alongside these panels, each boot includes four built in drain holes, which work to ensure sufficient drainage when working in and around water. Backed with mesh the drainage system allows water movement while blocking ingress of other materials like stones and debris.

Incorporating reinforced toe caps and mid-soles, the Pro-Safe effectively provides users with the ultimate comfort, control and protection, allowing Rescue Professionals to perform their tasks on dry land, in the water or during a combination of both environments. The material construction offers oil, penetration and slip resistance, making this in-water boot ideal to protect your skin and keep you safe whilst most importantly preventing slips and falls in the workplace. These boots also provide strong and reliable durability through rough terrains and potential hazards, made from a protective material that helps withstand sharp objects from puncturing or scraping the boots.

The Freelock fast lace system and wide opening is an extremely convenient feature when it comes to urgent fast changing of the boot. The swift lock dial closure system ensures quick and smooth donning, as simple as twisting the dial to tighten your boot to the perfect fit. When it comes to taking the boots off, just pull the button forwards which will immediately loosen the lace system, you will then be able to easily step out of the boot. We have also added an extra-long pull loop at the back of the heel, which will make this process even more effortless and smooth, with the loophole specially designed to be large enough for easy use while wearing gloves!

With all of the safety and high durability features ensured, we still want to give you a stylish practical boot. Our Pro-Safe V2 boot differs from our previous all black design with the bold orange accents on the sole and the added lining of Cordura panels. This will help your boots stand out and remain recognisable in a sea of black work boots, as well as remaining visible while working in water or low-lit environments.

This safety footwear complies with both European Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Regulation (EU) 2016/425 and Regulation 2016/425 on personal protective equipment, as amended to apply in GB and meets the requirements of the European Safety Footwear standard EN ISO 20345:2011.

There are numerous things you need to consider when buying new safety footwear. While style and colour are important, these variables take a backseat to the overall fit and protection standards when choosing safety boots, our rescue boot is designed with the following ratings to keep you safe in the workplace.

SB: Safety footwear with protective composite toe cap and protective composite midsole which are metal free

P: Penetration resistant (110N)

E: Energy absorption (20J) of heel and seat areas

FO: Outsoles resistant to fuel and oil

SRA: this is the classification for footwear that should be worn in environments where there is a low chance of slip.

SRB: if a product passes the SRA test, it can be tested for an SRB rating. Once it has achieved both, it becomes SRC.

 SRC: As stated above, SRC rated footwear has been tested for both the above conditions and will give the best chance of preventing a slip, fall or trip.

The Pro-Safe V2 boot is rated to SRC.


  • Strong microfibre upper with good abrasion resistance and tensile strength
  • Anti-static, flexible, oil resistant and slip resistant outsole
  • Double stitched seams for added strength 
  • Lightweight composite mid-sole and toe protection
  • Penetration-resistant mid sole
  • Energy absorption of heel area/seat region
  • Deep padded ankle collar for extra ankle protection
  • Reinforced TPU outer heel cage
  • Drainage holes with large mesh backing panels
  • Ventilated and moulded footbed
  • Extra-long pull loop for easy use with gloves
  • Low-profile Freelock fast lace system to ensure no snag hazards and ease of donning and removal
  • Lightweight design for extra comfort, especially on a long or gruelling shift
  • Mesh inner ensures both boot ventilation and comfort.


Upper: strong microfibre upper good abrasion resistance and tensile strength
 SPINON quick release ratchet system
Drainage: built in holes with mesh backing to allow water movement but to block ingress of other materials/debris
TPU heel: provides additional support and strength
Collar: deep padded collar for additional user comfort
Insole: PU foam insole provides user additional comfort
Sole: EVA/rubber dual density, oil and slip resistant for hard wearability and durability

UK3 to UK14

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