Rescue Boat Sea Scoopa

The Rescue Boat Sea Scoopa is a vital piece of rescue equipment for all rescue boats. The device scoops and lifts a man overboard onto rescue vessels.

Portable, with its own carry bag, the Sea Scoopa is equally effective when used on rigid inflatable boats or powerboats with a higher free board. Simple to use, the Sea Scoopa only needs two people to perform an entire man overboard rescue.

When rescuing a man overboard, rescue organisations can experience problems with their duty of care to the victim and their OH&S obligations to the rescuers. Sea Scoopa addresses these issues.

Unlike most other man overboard (MOB) rescue devices, the Sea Scoopa provides a mechanical advantage during the rescue process thus improving lifting techniques and reducing the incidence of back injuries.

Sea Scoopa is designed for the horizontal retrieval of a man overboard. This is important to avoid the circulatory collapse that can occur if victims are lifted out of the water vertically.

The Rescue Boat Sea Scoopa provides advantages over cradle, lifting net or rescue frame styled MOB rescue devices.

Benefits for the Man Overboard

  • The MOB is lifted out of the water in a horizontal position and transferred directly to an intergal stretcher in one continuous and efficient action which facilitates further handling
  • There are no non-cushioned, rigid components that can inflict injury
  • The net encloses and conforms to the whole body and minimises the risk of the victim falling out during lifting

Benefits for the Rescuer

  • Scoops the MOB into the net while the boat is moving and has steerage
  • The unique patented scoop-shape of the rescue net prevents the victim being swept out of the aft end allowing for a faster rescue
  • 2:1 mechanical advantage of the parbuckle reduces the risk of back injury
  • Sea Scoopa only requires two crew for the whole rescue operaton
  • There is no need for the rescuer to enter the water during the retrieval
  • The Sea Scoopa attaches simply to the majority of commonly used rescue vessels

Rescue Boat Sea Scoopa has been NATA tested to a Royal Australian Navy standard and is certified to lift a load of 300 kg. It is in use by a number of organisations including the Australian Navy and Australian Customs

Australian designed and made.

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