Regulators for specialty and calibration gases

Our premium range of regulators are designed to deliver reliable pressure or flow from gas cylinders. All regulators are available from stock in Australia.

The 100 and 110 series constant flow regulators are suitable or reactive and non-reactive gases and designed to connect directly to disposable / portable gas cylinders. Both series of constant flow regulators are made with nickel coated brass to ensure suitability for reactive and non-reactive gases.

The 300 series is our demand flow regulator, which is designed for use with docking stations and instruments with a sample draw pump. The diaphragm in the demand flow regulator opens sufficiently to match flow requirement, hence the name demand flow regulator.

The 180 and 200 series high pressure regulators are suitable for applications with an inlet pressure up to 3,600 PSI. High pressure regulators are available from stock in Australia with Stainless Steel, Nickel Coated Brass and Brass body material. To ensure the highest level of performance from our high pressure regulators all the internal components are stainless steel. If you have a static inlet pressure, most applications are fine with a single stage high pressure regulator, refer to the 180 series scientific regulator brochure for single stage. Applications like gas cylinders with fluctuating inlet pressure require a two stage high pressure regulator, refer to the 200 series scientific regulator brochure

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