Quikcorp Powered Hose Reel – RFR2

Quik Reel powered reels have been produced to take the hard work out of rewinding long and heavy lengths of hose by providing a powerful and consistent retraction that greatly assists in hose retrieval. Built using the highest quality components, the unit provides a safe, effective and user-friendly rewind every time. The reel can also be retracted using a manual handle if required.

The unit features the most complete guarding system found on any hose reel, ensuring it is one of the safest on the market. All hose reels are powder coated aluminium and are available in a select variety of colours to suit your vehicle.

As with all models in this series, this reel has the added bonus feature of being upgradeable at any stage without having to purchase a whole new reel. This reel can be upgraded to include a self-guiding ‘Archimedes’ hose guiding system (RFR3) or to be completely remote control retractable (RFR4) if necessary.

The manual reel is available in a range of sizes; standard (model RFR2), small (model RFRA2), large (model RFRB2) or extra large (model RFRC2).

All of the above ensures that you will always have the best hose reel solution for your fire fighting needs.

Powered hose reel specifications

  • 12V or 24V DC
  • Heavy duty electric motor
  • 80 Amp continuous duty Relay, on off switch and push button pre wired, fitted with an Anderson plug.
  • Left or right hand waterway
  • 4 hose rollers
  • Select range of colour choice
  • Aluminium
  • Reel lock
  • Friction brakes
  • Manual handle supplied

Hose Size Capacities

Length (overall)
Width (overall)
Height (overall)
Hose Capacity
1/2″ or 12.7mm ID
Hose Capacity
3/4″ or 20mm ID
Hose Capacity
1″ or 25.4mm ID
RFRA 2 610mm 480mm 590mm 50m 30m N/A 27kg
RFR 2 730mm 480mm 630mm 100m 60m 30m 29kg
RFRB 2 730mm 795mm 630mm 200m 100m 60m 35kg
RFRC 2 860mm 795mm 810mm 350m 200m 90m 47kg

Hose reel dimensions do not include the hose reel swivel; please add 100mm to overall width to include this. Weights are measured without hose or nozzle on reel.

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