Quickstop Commercial Fire Sprinkler Tool

The Quickstop Commercial Fire Sprinkler Tool is the fastest and easiest to use fire sprinkler shutoff tool on the market. It also works on more fire sprinkler types and sizes than any other tool. When accidents happen with fire sprinklers seconds matter. That’s why the Quickstop Commercial Tool is the tool of choice for reducing water damage and protecting buildings across the world.

  • The Quickstop Commercial Tool is the ONLY sprinkler tool on the market that stops ½” and ¾” heads whether they are intact, damaged or completely sheared off
  • Works on upright, pendant and sidewall fire sprinklers as well as recessed heads
  • Quick, simple one-handed operation
  • Engineered from the toughest components the tool is completely reusable
  • Tested to hold 100% water tight up to 350 PSI or 2400 KPA
  • Each tool is designed with a FUSIBLE LINK which releases the tool when heated. This allows the sprinkler head to start again if a fire was to start.
  • 5 year limited warranty

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