Outdoor Containment Roll Tops

Fully bunded Outdoor Containment Roll Tops are a “belts and braces” approach to managing hazardous substances outdoors and protecting the environment. Forkliftable when empty, these durable all-weather dangerous goods containment units have all but eliminated a margin for error.

The rust-proof units have a hard cover to stop the weather getting in. At the same time, valuable liquids and pumping equipment are kept safe and sound. Any leaks, drips and spills are caught by the internal sump to help with compliance and storm water regulations. Access is hassle-free.

Available in a range of sizes to suit containers, drums, and IBCs

Create a safer working environment with Outdoor Containment Roll Tops.


• 100% polyethylene – no rust or corrosion
• Forkliftable (when empty) for easy relocation
• Lockable roll-top design for security
• Front double-opening doors provide easy access

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