MED Approved Nozzle (HS 12 | HS 16 | HS 20)

Dual purpose HS 12/16/20 Spray and Jet nozzles are designed specifically for marine use. These nozzles provide the ability to quickly interchange between water throw and jet function giving more fighting capability” A high impact resistant NBR rubber operation head and POM tube body makes our product completely resistant to sea water corrosion giving a maintenance and trouble free nozzle.

The Spray/Jet Nozzles are MED approved 2014/90/e3 MEDB 00001W2
Tests carried out to EN-15182 -1, En-15182-2 6 EN15182-3.

Flow rates and effective throw distances according to EN 15182:

6 bar Full jet litres/min – throw distance (m) Spray jet litres/min – throw distance (m)
HS 10 HS 12  HS 16 HS 20 HS 10 HS 12  HS 16 HS 20
160-24 230-28 330-30 380-32 440-4  460-4.5  470-4.5 470-4.5

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