LINECAGE Hose Safety Anchor Device

Safely test your fire hose with RICE Hydro’s “PATENTED” Linecage, a secure and safety anchoring device. Designed by a Fire Captain, with the safety and well being of his fellow firefighting brothers in mind. Prompted by a close call that ended luckily in only minor injuries for the two fire fighters in his department, it could have been much worse. Virtually indestructible, with a heavy gauge welded steel frame, with multiple locking holes to accommodate various hose sizes. Locking hitchpins and quick links to secure hoses and anchor device during testing.

  • Meets NFPA 1962 7-6.2.6 requirements of Securing and Anchoring the fire hose while being tested
  • Heavy gauge welded steel frame, powder coated
  • Locking hitchpins enclose and secure hose to Linecage
  • Quick links installed for quick and easy ANCHORING of Linecage
  • Safely limits the mobility of line when rupture occurs
  • The Linecage is designed with multiple locking holes to accommodate various hose sizes
  • Stops a burst or ruptured line from retracting beyond the location of the tool, which should be placed approximately 2 FEET from the distal end of hose line

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