Firefighter and USAR applications

Leader SENTRY is a stability monitor that detects the structural movements of an unstable building. Its laser continuously monitors detected movements and displays changes for real-time awareness.

Leader SENTRY can detect a 1 mm structure movement at a distance of 50 m! A telescopic sight helps to point the laser accurately at the targeted unstable structure.

It allows firefighters and USAR teams to be alerted by a visual and audio alarm (105dB) when a structure movement, however small, is detected.

Wireless connection & Multiple monitoring

2 lasers are connected wirelessly for a simultaneous monitoring at 100m distance. As an example, 2 sides of an unstable building are monitored for 2D monitoring which bring safety to rescue teams working around or inside the structure.
Wireless provides ability to manage one laser from the other one at 100m distance.
A wireless remote control (option) can be used for even easier management from the field.

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