Leader HASTY is the only USAR equipment in the world combining a victim detector with seismic sensors and a search camera to visually locate victims under the rubble.

Compared to wired technology, wireless seismic sensors deploy simply and quickly. To cover a wide detection range, three wireless sensors with a range of 100m each (in open field) can be connected at the same time.

HASTY, a 2-in-1 victim detection and location device: seismic sensors detect signs of life generating vibrations, and search camera precisely locates the victim under the rubble. Seismic sensors also allow the location of a victim through different methods such as triangulation.


The rescuer can switch from seismic detection mode (vibration detection) to search camera mode at a glance. Screen size is optimal for viewing the scene. This way, the rescuer is able to carry out rapid searches during recognition (detection phase) or to deepen the search to locate a victim (locating phase).

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