KestrelMet 6000 AG WiFi Weather Station

KestrelMet 6000 AG WiFi Weather Station with Leaf Wetness + Solar Irradiance

Mounting Requirements: For optimal results, the KestrelMet weather station should be affixed using the KestrelMet Tripod or Nomopod. Note that these are sold separately and do not come with the weather station.

Product Overview:
The KestrelMet 6000 serves as a robust, all-encompassing weather solution tailored to provide precise weather data, enabling users to make decisions grounded in real-time insights. Crafted for enduring extreme conditions, it boasts of ruggedness, water-resistance, and the ability to counter dust and debris, making it indispensable for property owners, job site managers, researchers, or any other professional.

Key Features:

  1. Universal Connectivity: Its Wi-Fi feature extends up to 1000 ft line-of-sight, allowing data access anytime, anywhere, via smartphones, tablets, or computers.
  2. Immediate Deployment: As a fully configured unit, there’s no need for sensor selection. It’s solar-powered, supported by a backup battery, ensuring its standalone capability right out of the box.
  3. Effortless Installation: Enjoy a quick, wire-free setup. With the weather station operational in under 20 minutes, all crucial sensors are anchored to a robust platform.
  4. Enhanced Precision: The 24-hour aspirated fan paired with sensor shields combats solar radiation’s impact, enhancing data accuracy.
  5. Measurements

    • Temperature
    • Relative Humidity
    • Wind Speed
    • Wind Direction
    • Dewpoint
    • Barometric Pressure
    • Rainfall
    • Leaf Wetness Sensor
    • Solar Irradiance Sensor
    • Soil Temperature and Moisture Sensors (optional extra)


    • Full suite of meteorological measurements
    • All-in-one design for a quick and straightforward setup
    • Integrated Cellular modem with cloud connected data plan
    • Intelligent Power Management ensures reliable reporting even in short day and cloudy conditions
    • High-power photovoltaic panel
    • 24-hr aspirated fan for maximum accuracy
    • Highly visible LED status lights

Mounting Diversity:
The Mono Mount Kit and the Tripod Mount Kit cater to varied needs. The former suits pitched/flat roofs and vertical surfaces like gables, while the latter is designed for flat terrains and roofs.

Cloud Integration:
Synchronize your data to the cloud through Wi-Fi. Revel in the convenience of accessing your personalized weather metrics on the go through any device, courtesy of the Ambient Weather Network (AWN).

Comprehensive Data Monitoring:

  • Wind Dynamics: Captures both speed & direction.
  • Climate Tracking: Monitors barometric pressure, humidity, temperature, and precipitation.

Specialised Sensors included with this model:

  • Leaf Wetness: Vital for environmental applications, it detects surface/soil moisture, gauges optimal planting periods, and assesses fungal growth risks on plant surfaces.
  • Solar Irradiance: A key tool for farmers and researchers, it tracks solar energy essential for photosynthesis, aiding crop planning and yield predictions.

Add-On Sensor Option / Sold separately:
Enhance insights with the Soil Moisture & Soil Temperature Sensor. Crucial for comprehensive soil assessment, it’s perfect for cultivating crops that require specific moisture levels.

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