Set of Irons
The Council version of the IRONS features our Halligan tool married with our FE6 (Forcible Entry 6# Flathead axe),  Both are forged from 4140 steel.  The halligan tool is forged in one piece and designed for maximum forcible entry.  The slot in the FE6 head allows both to be carried together.
Working ends are heat treated for maximum strength, toughness and wear resistance.  The fork, horn and pry are designed for leverage and strength.  Widths and tapers are intended to allow easy penetration.  Halligan comes “Tuned and Dressed“, meaning the forks are thinned out and gap and set marks are already on both ends of the tool.  .
  • Overall length is 30 in.
  • Made of .987″ Octagon 4140 steel.
  • Lacquer finish to show natural steel (no welds) for an easy to maintain finish and to deter rust.
  • Made in USA.

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