Kappler ProVent® Plus

A range of products from general biohazard protection to certified apparel for CDC guidelines.

ProVent® Plus provides high-performance, breathable protection for a wide range of healthcare and emergency response situations. The ProVent Plus line ranges from lab coats and gowns to the NFPA 1999 certified garment which meets CDC/OSHA guidelines for protection against Ebola infected body fluids and other biohazards.

ProVent Plus PPH439-99 — Certified Protection For CDC Guidelines

ProVent® Plus is the only economically priced single-use garment certified to NFPA 1999, while also meeting OSHA and CDC guidelines for biohazard exposure. The use-and-dispose distinction of ProVent Plus means emergency responders and healthcare workers faced with infected body fluids and other biohazards can achieve proven protection at a much lower cost than reusable garments. In addition to passing the ASTM F1671 blood and viral penetration tests, ProVent Plus is a microporous fabric that offers increased comfort due to its high moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR). The demanding NFPA 1999 certification covers use as part of a system of components with other protective equipment including respiratory, eye and face protection, examination gloves, boot/shoe covers and over aprons. ProVent Plus meets OSHA and CDC guidelines as part of such a protective system.

ProVent Plus NFPA Style Details

  • ProVent Plus NFPA 1999 certified single-use garment offers economical alternative to costly reusable apparel.
  • Protects against Ebola infected blood and body fluids and other biohazards.
  • ProVent Plus fabric passes both ASTM F1671 blood and viral penetration tests.
  • Microporous fabric offers a high moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR) for greater comfort.
  • Finger loop attached to sleeve enhances comfort and protection.
  • ProVent Plus Style PPH439-99 is not made with natural rubber latex.
  • Does not contain PFAS Chemistry. Read more about PFAS.
  • Typical Applications: Patient care and other healthcare settings, EMT and other emergency response support, lab and diagnostic services, pharmacy work, autopsies, mortuary services.

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