Crossline Reach Capture Device

20 years after its invention by swiftwater rescue guru, Dr Michael Croslin, the Reach remains a fundamental and essential piece of swiftwater rescue, technical hardware.

Used by Fire, EMS, Search and Rescue, Trekkers, Whitewater and Recreational boaters, this multi-use protective device is highly effective for line-crossing, remote anchoring, stream crossing, quick access, and egress in rescue operations.

Considered PPE in the professional Swiftwater Rescue arena, it ultimately functions as a capture device, securely capturing another line from afar. When thrown across any line, rope or cable, it will cross, clip and capture the line as securely as a carabiner.

Extensively tested, it works extremely well in even the most extreme situations, such as severe gradient and flow conditions, allowing faster and safer rescues for individuals and teams alike. It can easily be thrown with one hand quickly and accurately, offering unparalleled remote capture capabilities

It is a simple, yet effective, tool that can ultimately save lives.


  • To rescue another
  • To rescue yourself
  • To establish a cross-river line
  • To retrieve a lost boat or gear
  • To moor to a line
  • To establish a mid-stream anchor
  • Plus any line-grabbing job you can think of

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