Northern Diver DS420 AIR – Inflatable Boat With Air Deck

Our range of inflatable boats with Air Deck are the perfect partner for any type of on the water activity. Our boats are all about performance and agility, the design ensures the B and the drop stitched floor helps soften the ride.

Air Deck boats are ideally suited for the user who wants a tender that they can roll up and stow when out of use, which also combines RIB like performance thanks to the rigid air deck floor and separate inflatable keel which gives a strong ‘V’ profile hull. The lightness of the design means that it is quicker to get on the water. The ultimate blend of portability with performance. Quick to set up and pack down, the unique design means that the boat can be rolled with the floor in place or removed giving you complete flexibility.


  • Smooth ride with the air deck – removable to allow for cleaning
  • Speedy inflation and weight saving design
  • Multiple chamber tubes give greater safety if punctured you can get ashore or to your vessel whilst still afloat
  • Solid marine ply benches remain cool to sit on even in the sun and provides a strong seat which also increases stability of the tender
  • Lightweight oars with built in oar locks fitted to the boat ensure no losses over the side
  • Lifelines on both sides of the boat threaded through chunky, heavy-duty eyelets
  • Handles located bow and stern to make it easier to lift and manoeuvre the boat when out of the water
  • Heavy duty moulded rubbing strake protects boat against any scrapes

Constructed from a high-pressure flat air deck (10psi) which is placed on top of an inflatable keel. The purpose of the inflatable keel being to give a V-shaped hull underneath the boat, which gives the boat better performance and steering then a flat-bottomed boat. The high-pressure air deck utilises drop stitch construction with thousands of individual fibres to ensure it can withstand the pressure, giving the user a rigid flat platform.

The air deck floor ensures that the boat remains solid whilst also saving on weight and storage, as the air deck matt can simply be rolled up at the end of the day along with the boat.


  • Max. loading: 1140kg (2513lbs)
  • Max. persons: 7
  • Outer dims: 420*190cm (13’8*6’2)
  • Internal width: 94cm (37″)
  • Tube diameter: 48cm (18.9″)
  • Floor detail: 8cm (3.1″) drop-stitch+PVC
  • Weight: 54kg (119lbs)
  • Chambers: 3+1 (floor)
  • Max. tube pressure: 0.35bar / 5psi
  • Max. pressure AIR floor: 0.7bar / 10psi
  • Handles, lines, benches: 8+2+2
  • Recommended outboard: 30HP max or Electric 22.4KW
  • Colours: red with black trim
  • Reinforced rubbing strakes: yes
  • Lifting stainless steel D-rings: yes
  • Transom mounted tow eyes: yes

We use top quality PVC to ensure high performance in any kind of weather and any kind of water. Each boat has its own heavy-duty thick rubbing strake to act like a bumper to protect the tubes from punctures but also has a curved shape that deflects any spray.

Manufactured in a tougher and durable fabric. This high-quality fabric used in all our inflatable range offers increased abrasion resistance, durability, dimensional stability, tensile and tear strength making them suitable not only for leisure but by professionals such as the police, search and rescue teams and military to name a few.


  • 2x oars
  • Hand inflation pump
  • Storage bag
  • Repair kit
  • Valve fittings

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