Inspire-A Automatic

The Inspire-A mask takes all the outstanding features from the S-FB mask and adds the quick connection.

As soon as the breathing valve is connected to the mask it is activated and the mask is ready for use without any additional measures.

The quick connection makes installing and removing the breathing valve very easy. To install the breathing valve, it is simply pushed into the mask and locks in place. To remove it, the two red buttons are pressed simultaneously and the breathing valve pulled out from the mask.

The mask and breathing valve design is very compact with no protruding parts which gives unrestricted visibility and reduce the risk of snagging and mechanical damage. The silent operation of the mask gives minimal noise interference and excellent communication possibilities.

  • Quick connection of breathing valve to the face mask
  • Breathing valve closes automatically when disconnected from face mask
  • Demand controlled and activated from inner mask gives excellent breathing performance
  • Purge button on breathing valve to increase air flow to the mask
  • Prepared and compatible with voice communication systems, “Heads-Up Display” and spectacle kit
  • Ergonomic head harness with easily operated buckles

The standard version is made from natural rubber and has a 5-point head harness. This version is available in the three different sizes Standard size, Small size (S) and X-large size (XL).

The silicone version is available in Standard size.

There is also a version compatible with helmet adapters with a 4-point head harness and a top strap. This version is available in Standard size. When ordering this mask version it is delivered including head harness, buckles and neck straps. But if it is ordered together with “Pre-delivery mounting of helmet adapter” (see Accessories below) it is delivered without head harness, buckles and neck strap.


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