InnoVfoam Tank Foam Generator

The InnoVfoam Tank Foam Generator (ITFG) with an integrated foam chamber and (separate) Foam Pourer (FP) is developed for extinguishing storage tank fires. In order to generate low expansion foam and spread it over the flammable liquid surface the device is provided with an integrated air foam generator. For ease of installation the flanged outlet usually is connected to a flanged nozzle which is welded into the tank-shell close to the tank top.

The flanged FP must be installed to this nozzle at the inside of the tank (type I) or directed through the flange (type II) in order to apply foam gently onto the liquid surface. To prevent the release of gasses out of the tank, a removable Gas-Stop is provided at the inlet-side of the foam chamber. For testing purposes a dedicated test-outlet with removable cover and inside test-cover is provided within the device.

The combination of the ITFG with FP can be used both for tanks with fixed and/or floating roof. To design numbers and capacities of the ITFG/FP for a specific tank, please refer to National Fire Protection Association: National Fire Codes NFPA 11, and/or local regulations.

When ordering the ITFG/FP please select the required k-value from the flow tables on page 5 and 6 to meet the design requirements of the system.


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