Inline Balance Pressure Proportioners

The SOLBERG® Inline Balance Pressure (ILBP) proportioner is a complete self-contained device that incorporates the necessary components including ratio controller, duplex gauge, balancing valve, check valve, ball valve, and associated brass piping. SOLBERG ILBPs are designed to balance the incoming foam concentrate pressure with the incoming fire-water pressure, and meter the correct amount of foam concentrates to fire-water stream over a wide range of flow rates and pressures.

The ILBP system works with a positive displacement foam pump, to supply foam concentrate to the ILBP. A pressure sustaining valve, located in the return line, carries excess foam concentrate not needed by the device back to the atmospheric storage tank. Devices are available in sizes ranging from 2.0″ – 8.0″ (51 mm – 203 mm).

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