Hydro Flow Little Hose Monster™ Pitotless Nozzle™ NST 2-1/2 in. Test Hose

Product Details

  • The Little Hose Monster® measures 12″ x 13″ and does the job of neutralizing force of discharge water just as well as the original classic steel Hose Monster™
  • Durable: The Little Hose Monster® is made from injection-molded glass filled polypropylene
  • Two year warranty
  • Laminar flow eliminates turbulence and gauge needle bounce
  • For use with the grooved Pitotless Nozzle™ in fire
  • Does not include the Pitotless Nozzle
  • Choose from Grooved Pitotless Nozzles HPN1125GRV, HPN175GRV, HPN2GRV or HFN

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