High Pressure Skid Unit with Membrane Pump

Rapid intervention skid unit designed for pickup vehicles and trailers, equipped with membrane pumps up to 50 bars with a maximum flow of up to 105 l/min.

  • High-quality components and replacement part availability
  • Great availability of spare parts
  • Resistant tanks made of stainless steel
  • The best quality/price ratio
  • 2-year warranty
Available configurations
Engine Fuel Battery and electric
Power Pump Maximum Pressure* Maximum Flow*
B&S XR950 Gasoline NO 6,5 HP AR30 40 bar 36 l/min
B&S XR2100 Gasoline YES 13,5 HP AR813 50 bar 80 l/min
Lombardini 15LD440 Diesel YES 11 HP AR813 50 bar 80 l/min

*These values are at direct pump outlet.

Water tank

Capacities: 120 – 1,000 liters.

Multiple materials to choose from:

  • Stainless steel
  • Polyethylene
  • Flexible canvas
Quick attack winder and Absortion oversleeve
  • Winder mounted on the main structure. Capacity: Two 20 meter sections 20 mm in diameter.
  • 5-meter translucent white or blue spiral absorption oversleeve. Used to suction water from anywhere and to fill the extin- guishing tank.
Optional accessories:
  • Hose: 3-layer hose for use in low pressure
  • Flow regulating lance: Vallfirest flow regulating water lances.
  • Foam system: Compact and easy to use, mixing of foaming agent through Venturi System and proportional manual selector valve generates a stable mixture of foaming agent in water
  • Tool-holder structure: With the tool-holder structures we increase the operability of these vehicles by accompanying the extinguishing kits of: hand tools, drip torches, chainsaws, water packs, combat packs


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