High Expansion Foam Generator (Outside Air)

InnoVfoam has developed a “plug-and-play” high expansion foam generator that works on the basis of the “outside air” principle. InnoVfoam’s Hi-Ex 600 generator is part of the company’s VdS-approved high expansion foam system and it reduces costs of installation, pipework, structural alterations and maintenance.

The design of InnoVfoam’s high expansion foam generator takes the installation height into account. The loss of space in the storage area in which the generator is installed is minimal and only a few roof-top structural alterations are required. The V-shaped foaming net on the underside of the unit produces an exceptionally high foam yield at low water pressure. As a result, fewer generators are needed to fill a storage area with foam. The generators and ventilation hatches are pneumatically controlled (using CO2), the fan unit is powered by the extinguishing water pressure and is consequently extremely reliable. Speed is a critical factor in installation and maintenance. For this reason, the generator is designed to be plug-and-play and it can be installed and connected to an existing simple pipe system very quickly.

InnoVfoam’s outside air high expansion foam system has been developed, tested and approved by/in accordance with EN-13565, EN-1568-2, CE and NFPA. In addition, it is the only high expansion foam system with VdS certification. Download more information about the technical specifications and approvals below.

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