FR 1000L Coveralls


These coveralls are designed for protection against hazardous substances and contamination of both product and personnel. They are typically used, dependent upon the severity of the toxicity and the conditions, for protection against airborne particles and limited non toxic splash and spray.
The coveralls also offer limited protection against flame. More detailed information is given below. Available sizes: L, XL, 3XL.


  • Category III
  • Type 5
  • Type 6
  • EN ISO 14116 Index 1/0/0
  • EN1073-2
  • EN1449-5


  • Full elasticated hood, ankles and wrists, to maximize comfort and protection
  • Limited protection against flame
  • Disposable
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable


These coveralls are constructed from a fire retardant fabric which offers limited flame spread protection to Index 1 of the standard EN ISO14116. Index 1 will melt and form holes and does not offer the thermal barrier of a Index 2/3 garment.

These coveralls must always be worn on top of Index 2/3 garments and balaclavas and must never come into direct contact with the skin. It should also be noted that the thread, elastic and zipper are not made from fire retardant materials and may burn or melt if exposed to direct heat or flame. This is not a test of the whole garment.


In order to fully meet the performance claims for Types 5/6 garments, all opening such as wrists, ankles, neck, etc., should be securely taped. The user shall be the sole judge of the suitability for the type of protection required, and the correct combinations of coveralls accessories and ancillary equipment.

To obtain full protection all apertures should be securely closed, but the user shall determine, and allow for the effect of heat when in use. Heat stress and discomfort can be reduced or eliminated by the use of appropriate undergarments or ventilation equipment.

The manufacturer cannot be held responsible for any accident caused by misuse, or unsuitability of the garment for the task in progress.

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