Foam Proportioning Trailer

The Solberg Foam Proportioning Trailer is a complete mobile package meeting all applicable NFPA standards consisting of a trailer constructed with frame, wheels, and axles capable of carrying the total charged weight of the trailer assembly and the foam concentrate. The trailer frame includes a tongue jack, electrical connections, NFPA 1901 lighting package (optional), reflective striping, rear mud flaps, and rear stabilizer jacks. Concentrate tanks are available in 500, 750, 1000 gallon (1893, 2839, 3785 litres) capacities. Tanks are constructed of carbon steel in accordance with NFPA 11C “Mobile Foam Apparatus”. Tanks contain the required swash partitions and removable gasketed top for ease of filling, cleaning and inspection. The foam proportioning trailer contains a positive displacement foam concentrate pump which is driven by an air-cooled diesel engine complete with electric start. The pump is constructed of materials compatible with all types of firefighting foam concentrates (AFFF, AR-AFFF) and can be designed for use with 1%, 3%, or 6% foam concentrates. The in-line balance pressure proportioning systems maintains an equal pressure in the foam concentrate and water inlets to the proportioner. This allows the system to be used over a wide range of flow rates and available pressures. A duplex pressure gauge provides
a reading of the foam concentrates and water pressure.

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